Subtitle settings have no effect

Hi, I have the August 2021 2021.08-1 build on a Vero 4k+
My problem: No matter what I change in the subtitle settings (font, size etc.), the appearance of the subtitles doesn’t change. They‘re way too big. Is this a known problem? Do you need logs?

Are they text (e.g. .srt) subtitles or are they straight from a DVD or Blu-ray rip (VobSub or PGS)? It’s only text-based formats that will be affected by Kodi’s settings.


To be sure: are we talking .srt files here? If not, did you enable the “override ASS/SSA subtitles” setting?

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The subs are in an .mkv file.

No, not .srt, but subs in an .mkv file. I tried that setting, but it didn’t have an effect either.

It would still be helpful to know if they’re text-based or image-based. Could you post MediaInfo data for the .MKV file?

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I think I found the culprit:

Codec ID/Info : Picture based subtitle format used on BDs/HD-DVDs

hastebin - ukakaxatab (

Right, yes: format PGS. That’s an image-based format, not text-based - it’s encoded as pixels, not as text characters. So it isn’t the player that generates the size, shape and colour of the letters, and changing the player’s font settings has no effect.

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Okay, thanks for your help. :slight_smile:

What if we could change the resolution of these PGS images? Wouldn’t that change the font size?

You can install the opensublitle or other sub add-on to just download a text based sub that would display according to your preference without making them blocky or soft like what would happen if you resized a PGS sub.

That would also result in them being displayed in the wrong place, surely?

That’s what i’m doing now, but the quality of Dutch subtitles i get from the internet aren’t up to par most of the time. I would prefer the original .pgs if provided… and being able to adjust to my liking.
I wouldn’t want it to get blocky either of course, didn’t think of that.