My problem comes when I use subtitles, I often have to change from cyrilic (windows) to central european(windows), because sometimes is not possible to find subtitles on my main language which is cyrilic.

So I have to go all the way to the Video,Subtitles,Encoding, switch it and go back to Videos-Files and play.

Is there such a possibility for something like this to be added to the remote.xml


Which will help me to fast-use them on the remote. If there is such a way to do this, please tell me, if not please put it up on the next update (if not too big trouble). Thank you

< encodingcyrilicwin>ActivateEncoding(CyrWin)< /encodingcyrilicwin>
< encodingcentraleuwin>ActivateEncoding(CenEuWin)< /encodingcentraleuwin>

Something like this above, sorry first post have typo (bad copying)

So encodingcyrilicwin button would switch to the first encoding and so on…