Subtitles and Plug-ins


I’ve been looking into getting a Raspberry Pi 2 for use as a HTPC, and I have a couple of questions about OSMC.

  1. Does OSMC have the “subtitles” feature that Kodi has by default? I mean, when you are playing a video, there is an option for choosing subtitles in the video toolbar. In there you can click “download” and the system shows a list of subtitles corresponding to the movie/tv show name that the software found on a site of your choice, and you can simply choose to download one of them.

  2. Does OSMC support all of the plug-ins that Kodi can support by default? If not, does it support Netflix integration?

  3. Does OSMC only run the basic skin it comes with, or can you install other skins that you want to use instead?

  4. Does OSMC have a web browser of any kind, that is capable of viewing flash or HTML 5 based videos online on such sites as Youtube?

  5. Does OSMC require me to use a specific format on an external HDD that I want to use?

Thanks for your help!

  1. yes, go to System->Video->Subtitles->Default TV show service and Default movie service and add whatever service you want.
  2. yes it does
  3. nope you can select any skin you want just like normal kodi
  4. no browser, but you can install the youtube addon if you want and have full youtube interraction
  5. Fat32 and ntfs are automatically supported.

Its basically the same Kodi you get on your windows PC. The file paths are only different since its a linux OS. But besides that its the same. The only noticeable difference is when the addons return results from searches. Its a bit slower than the pc, but thats normal…The pi2 is not a Desktop PC :stuck_out_tongue:
Nonetheless OSMC is much faster than any other distros out there.
I think my pi2 is the best buy i’ve ever made.

Thanks a lot!

One more question, do you need a specific type of USB Wi-fi adapter or can you use any run of the mill one?

Well…most people use those nail size wifi sticks and they work fine. I have a ‘noname’ usb stick (with a detachable antenna) and it was working fine until a recent update…but i disabled its power management and since then it has been working fine as well.
I dont think you’ll have a problem with any wifi stick, as long as it support linux OS as well. IF you already have one, you can just tell us the chipset it has and model name…probably a mod could tell you if its supported or not…Worst case scenario if there are linux drivers for it, they’ll add them on the next update or something.
Like i said, if the stick has linux drivers then osmc will support it.

Edit: Oh and make sure the power supply for the pi2 is at least 2 Amps

OH and btw…you could have a multiboot system on your pi2…if you get at least a 8gb SD card. And on one partition you could have osmc and on the other Raspbian which is a normal OS like windows…you got browser and whatever else you normally get with windows. You can even create a Retropie partition and have any game emulator out there (mame, etc)

Raspberry Pi OS – Raspberry Pi here is a link with all the OS systems you can install on it.
Here is a YT video, playing a 1080p video on Raspbian browser : Playing 1080p YouTube videos in the browser on the Raspberry Pi - YouTube