Subtitles are not at the bottom of the screen

Hi all,

After updating to the latest version (2023.06-1), the subtitles are no longer at the very bottom of the TV screen as before (they are now higher), even though the option “Position on screen” was still set to “Bottom of screen”. I also tried the “Manual” option, but can’t figure out how to move them myself.

The device (Vero 4k+) have been rebooted after the update.

Never had this issue before. Please help.


There were updates to the subtitling system in Kodi v20 which came with resetting of certain settings. You can still get what you want but you will have to adjust your settings again. The manual option is explained in the following…

And more information of Kodi’s subtitles can be found here…

Thanks! Set it to “Manual” and then adjust the placement in the “video calibration” option. I totally forgot it was placed there.

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