Subtitles displaying below video, off-screen

Hi, I’ve got a weird problem with subtitles appearing below the video and off screen.

They’re rarely visible except only when there seems to be 2x lines of subtitles the very top of the characters appears at the very very bottom of the screen.

  • Subtitle position is set to “Fixed”
    – Changing this to “Below video”, or “Bottom of video” changes nothing
  • Resolution is set to 1080p
    – Video calibration has the corners set correctly
    – And the subtitles position is set to 1000, moving this higher changes nothing
    – Raspberry Pi overscan is disabled (but trying enabling it didn’t fix this either)
    – Source video is upscaling from 640x352

I’m stumped as to what could possibly be wrong…

Ah, I have just tried a different video which had embedded subs, and those worked and positoned correctly.

The first video was external subs…

Were they SRT subs?

Yes they’re SRT subs

[Edit] Actually they’re .sub

[Edit 2]Ah they’re text/x-microdvd

Can you reboot twice, play that file with the problem subtitles, and then upload a log please.