Subtitles files recorded by tvheadend are not available when watching them

I’ve used TVHeadend to record a show from TV, it records the files into .ts format and they can be played back by osmc without a problem, but the subtitles are missing.
If I open the same .ts file in VLC, then I can see the subtitle tracks (see image 1)
If I analyze the file with ffmpeg/avconv, then it shows the subtitle tracks.

I guess the track is there. Is there any way to show them in osmc?

running the latest osmc on raspni 3

I’ve uploaded the logs as well:

Dropbox link to a sample file:

I think I’ve solved my own problem overnight: the teletext based subtitles are not supported by kodi.
To extract the from the .ts container a special tool must be used: ccextractor.

This is able to batch extract from many files in a single step, the default config works just fine so there is no need to play with command line parameters.

Pi is a bit slow doing it, but eventially it will complete.

Download it from:

There is an even better and easier solution: set the recording container type to matroska on TVHeadend and then the subtitles will work automatically, no need to extract them.

Sorry to bring back old thread. But how do you set recording contained type to matroska ? I’m very interested in this solution, since I have the exact same problem as you were having.

It is also possible to modify the (Default profile), in case you do not want to keep the original.

Thank you very much for your prompt answer! I’ll check that ASAP! :blush: