Subtitles font problem and how to add subtitles manually


I use subs with OpenSans SemiBold and I want to know how to add that font using Windows or Ubuntu.

The other problem is that my videos have got two tracks of subtitles Spanish and Spanish (Spain) and I want to know how can I switch it manually.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Anton

To add new subtitle fonts. Navigate to your .kodi/media folder. Inside media folder create new folder called Fonts. May need to be capital F.

Then place your new .ttf fonts in this folder. You can then choose which font in kodi settings under video → subtitle. May need reboot to see changes.

To switch between subtitle manually during video playback press letter L.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ll try later but I have one more question.

If I have a video file and a srt or ass file next to the video, how can I load that file into the video?


As long as the srt file has the same name as the video it will automatically be loaded.

But I can see in this pic that I can add it manually via this menu

Hi all,

I’m using OSMC in a Raspberry Pi 3 and I want to know to can I add to a DVD movie subtitles from my hard disk. A user called fzinken told me “As long as the srt file has the same name as the video it will automatically be loaded.” but I want to know how can I add it manually without use any add-on just search it for my own in the hard disk.

Is it possible?


Use ‘Browse for subtitle’. This is covered on the Wiki page you linked to.

May be I’m very noob or something but I can’t find that option on OSMC

Merged. Please don’t create additional threads when the original thread is still relevant to your issue.

The wiki link that he provided doesn’t help me at all. That’s why I create another thread…

I’ll wait for the answer of add the subtitles manually.

Thanks anyway…

How does it not help?

Pull up the OSD while media is playing > scroll over to the speaker icon and press select > resulting menu will have an option to browse for subtitle. It’s all explained in the link quite well.

Your answer helped me but it doesn’t detect the subs! My subs is in .ass does it affect?


This is now a Kodi specific question. Ask them

why don’t you just use something like mkvtoolnix to merge your video and subtitle into a single file (after all - this is one of the big advantages of a .mkv container). Then you will never run into the problem of not being able to find the subtitle.

ActionA already sent me the solution but thanks anyway ^^