Subtitles - How to save to Nas drive

I access my media from a Nas drive as i believe many of the users here do.

Is anyone here able to provide any pointers on how to get subtitles to save to the location of the media folder? I access the media on the Nas via NFS.

I have a qnap nas, as far as i can tell i have kodi and qnap both set up correctly, however whenever i download subtitles they never save to the media location. Next time i play the file i have to download the subtitle again.

By default, Kodi doesn’t download subtitles…it will only look for them on disk. What add-on do you use to download the subtitles? You might want to ask in the support thread for that add-on in the Kodi forum.

There are addons that download subtitles for you, a few examples are opensubtitles, subscene, addic7ed, etc. Each addon allows you to configure where the subtitle will be saved, as in all in the same place or along with the video. It sounds like you would like it along with the video.

Is the addic7ed Addon actually working for someone? I have been trying very hard to get it to work on two vetos but always failed to get it to work. I even made an account with addic7ed but didn’t help

I’m using open subtitle and subscene.

I spent a few hours looking into the issue last night. It was a permissions issue on the nas side. Vero could read but not write to the folder the movies are stored in. I think i have fixed it now.

The only reason I’m using these subtitles is because the ones i embed with the mkv always display above the black bars in movie whereas downloaded ones can display within the black bars. Does anyone know how to fix that?

Addic7ed works fine for me. Be aware it is mainly a provider of TV series subtitles, of which it does a magnificent job. Movies are rarely there.

If you are embedding a SRT (aka text files) it should be no different than using one external or by downloading inside of Kodi. I suspect the ones you are embedding are of the VobSub type which are actually images with location information so they are handled differently by the player.