Subtitles messed up on Netflix with 480p output

This is quite likely to be a problem with the Netflix plug-in, or with Widevine, or with Kodi, rather than with OSMC; but it would be helpful to know which, so I know who to notify!

When playing a 720x480 video on Netflix, with the output resolution set to 720x480, subtitles get messed up. Here’s an example - note how the second line is displayed half way up the screen instead of below the first:

(This is from the final episode in Season 5 of Star Trek: Voyager).

It doesn’t happen if the output resolution is set to (say) 1080p/24 instead.

Is it all the time with that resolution? or just when the subs could cover some text in the frame. Like “Jeri Taylor” in that frame you posted.

I know Netflix has a tendency to throw the subtitles around when ever there is text where subtitles are usually displayed. But in the middle of the screen to the left seems like an odd place to put it.

Are you running the 3D build?
If you revert back to the normal build, is it fixed
CC @tanio99

I think it’s just another subtitle scaling issue, probably the same as with UHD movie and 2K subtitles as @angry.sardine pointed out in the MVC test thread.

Netflix can be a little erratic about that, but A: as far as I know the Kodi Netflix extension actually doesn’t pick up on the on-screen position of subtitles - they’re always displayed at the bottom of the screen, regardless; B: I’ve certainly never seen the first half of a subtitle displayed at the bottom of the screen and the second half of the same subtitle displayed above the first half, to one side, with the bottom of the letters chopped off; and C: you only get this problem when the output resolution is set to 720x480 - if I upscale to 1080p then they’re displayed correctly at the bottom of the screen.

(Note that the full subtitle in the screenshot is “The Equinox is a Nova-class ship” - the first half is displayed where it should be, but the second half is messed up).

That’s a good question. I’m not running the 3D-build as such - 3D videos aren’t playing in 3D - but the current configuration in the result of the Vero having the 3D build installed and then doing an automatic update; so there could be some sort of odd mixture of components or something that was installed from a staging-repository build.

Is there a simple way to revert to the last pre-staging release?

(By “simple” I mean “simpler than completely reinstalling OSMC”).

That sounds like a good theory. It can’t be exactly the same issue, though, because (I think!) Netflix subtitles are text rather than PGS.

Re: the version I have installed, it’s the latest staging-repository version (installed over the top of the 3D build but - I hope! - overwriting it).

Play a 3D file and you shouldn’t get Frame Packed output.


I don’t.

Did we ever manage to establish which component is causing this issue? (E.g. Kodi, OSMC, Widevine, the Netflix add-on…?) I’d just like to know where to raise the problem.

Seems to be a problem in Kodi and affects other platforms.