Subtitles Offset not working

Hi Sam, I have notice that subtitles offset is not working. If i move it up or down it doesn’t make any difference.

Reboot twice and then try to create logs. Your log error is likely due to them being too large.

Are you using PGS subtitles? PGS subs have their own formatting information embedded so the offset setting does not apply. If you download srt subs for the video and switch to those then it should work.

All my subtitles are srt, I tried to download others from addons subtitles and same issue. If I play same file and subtitle from apple tv 4k kodi it works there.

Disregard what I said. For some reason I was thinking subtitle position and you were talking about the timing offset (which works on either type of file). I don’t remember seeing anyone with that issue before and i’m at a bit of a loss on how that would happen.

I have the same problem. In the beginning, subtitles was placed ok, then suddenly they appeared to far down. When I try to move them up, it does’nt work. This goes for separate srt’s as well.

Nobody got any suggestions what to do with this? I still can’t move my srt:s.