Succesfull OSMC install then turns off (appears off) apple TV 1

Hi all,

I am fairly new to the ATV1 OSMC/Kodi world so please forgive me if any solutions are obvious.

I was able to format an 8gb USB drive to boot OSMC on my ATV. I removed the USB and waited 10s, like prompted, and then turned on my ATV1, then a blue screen saying installing files, booting, etc. showed up followed by a "successfully installed " message. It then booted up once more to a blue screen with a blue OSMC logo.
At this point, I thought I had done everything successfully but low and behold, once it finished loading it just shut off (or appears off). I know the connections to my tv work because I plugged my original ATV1 to it before and was able to set up wireless network to it.

****I am using the rgb component in connectors not an HDMI because my TV is old

Any ideas?

Where did it say wait 10s?
It sounds like you selected the wrong image (HDD) when you want a USB image


Hi Sam,

You are right I had selected the wrong image (HDD) so I went back I did the process once more with the USB image and I get the same problem. Successful OSMC install, but once the blue screen with the logo is finished loading, it turns off.

I have attached some images. Thanks for the quick reply!


Image 1. Boots up

Image 2. OSMC Logo (I’m assuming its a loading screen?)

Image 3. Appears to turn off.

Hi Uriel,

OSMC Splash screen occurs before X11 loads. So all looks good.

Try configuring component output as suggested on the Wiki. See


Hi Sam,

Any clues as to how I can do so? I can’t SSH into my ATV1 because it’s not connected to the network, and frankly i’m just not sure how to even begin editing the component output.

Do you have any links to tutorials you can provide me with?

Once again thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it.


You can probably do it with a USB keyboard: