Suddenly Cannot Access Win7 Libraries

Very strange situation - OSMC is a client to a Win7 PC. All movies and CDs are ripped to the Win7 PC, and Kodi for use as a media server / player in the family room. ServerWMC is running on the Win7 PC for PVr and live TV.

However, I suddenly cannot connect to the drives containing the movies and music. I have confirmed file sharing is enabled on those other drives with the same permissions. When selecting ‘Movies’ or ‘Music’, instead of seeing the library I see icons for Files, Playlists and Video add-ons; when I select Files and then navigate to the globe icon labeled ‘Movies’, I get the following mesasge:

“Remote Share. Couldn’t connect to the network server.”

The bizarre thing is I can connect from OSCM to Win7 for TV and the recorded shows drive and folder, but cannot connect for movies or music. All drives and folders on the Win7 PC have the same permissions.

I have made no changes to either the Win7 PC or the OSMC/RP and am at a loss. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Step one, reboot all devices.
Step two if necessary, provide logs.

Yup - first thing I did, nothing.

I did notice that TV drive on the Win7 PC was shared but the rest of the media drives had spontaneously changed to not being shared. I changed all drive sharing to match the TV drive, but no change - I can connect to ServerWMC and the TV drive, not the ripped media drives.

Log uploaded to

Any more ideas? Sharing is identical between the TV and other folders - I can watch TV on OSMC but it can’t connect to the others. This is befuddling.

Seems you are using upnp to access the library.
Suggest to switch to using smb protocol instead should be more reliable.

File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device

Thanks for the reply - when I try to add media, browse and select SMB it doesn’t return anything. I may have to blow it up and start over.

FWIW I can see the HTPC and Kodi from my Win10 laptop, I can see and connect to all the media folders as well.

SMB browsing has been disabled because of security issues you would have to manually enter IP and Share Name

Thanks for the info. I see a couple of possibilities:

1 - Enable SMB on the HTPC and try to use the original shortcut in the Action for that menu item

2 - Use the IP address when re-adding the path to the HTPC folder, but I’m not finding explicit instructions on how to do this (I did find File sharing with a NAS, media server, windows share or other device - General - OSMC)

Yes that is where i pointed you to.
So just follow the chapter
If you have a media server already you can connect to it using SMB, NFS or UPnP from the Kodi GUI but you may not get the best performance that way. When you add a source, you will be able to browse to any available NFS shares or UPnP devices. To add a network share pick Music (say) then Files then Add music and enter the network location as follows or click left to browse to the location.


For SMB, smb://user:password@SERVER/sharename/folder