Suddenly lost SSH and web acess from OSMC


I’ve been using OSMC on my Rpi3 for a few months now and this is the second time this happens (I don’t remember how it was fixed the first time…):

Everything was working up until an hour ago. Out of the blue, I lost SSH access, local server access, Transmission torrent client access, Kore/Yatse android remotes etc… Nothing works from any other computer. This is extremely frustrating! How/why could this happen when it was perfectly fine just a while back and for so long?

Please help out, kind of a RPi noob here!

Thank you.

reboot :slight_smile:

how/why? services can have memory leaks etc… might want to consider activating a watchdog-timer so the PI would reboot in cases of a hang (not garanteed to work in all cases).

Thanks for the response! Of course, the first thing I did was reboot. Reset the wifi* (“forgot” the network then reconnected), multiple times too. But somehow even then still nothing works.

Nothing on screen? Might be your SD-card got corrupt.

My screen works fine. I can see the OSMC interface. But the web server/ssh/transmission all time out.

OK, that wasn’t clear from your initial posting (nothing works). Without remote you probably cannot navigate so connect a keyboard to the RPI and go to the system settings menu to verify you have an IP-address and it is the one you are trying to connect to.

Did you try rebooting the Wifi router? Mine occasionally gets into an odd state where some clients can connect and other can’t.

My router can hand out a new ip to a reserved device sometimes. Check ip in MyOSMC Network

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Well, you can still access the command line if you have a spare USB keyboard.

Under “Logging in locally”.

This topic was a long time ago but I also had this problem occasionally so I made a script that sends a ping to my home router. If the ping doesn’t succeed to send for a couple of times then connman service reboots automatically.

It works very well now! Never lost SSH anymore!