Suggestion for a new telly (after an earthquake)

Dear friends,
yesterday we had a minor earthquake here. I would not have noticed but a few plastic thingies that where holding my Philips 46" (27 Kg) onto the wall for the past 4 years snapped and now I don’t have a TV anymore. :frowning:

I am thankful it happened while I was there fiddling with my Vero and the TV did not hurt anyone.

As I’ll have to buy a new TV are there brands/models you could reccommend ? Here are some requirements:

  • Play well with Vero via HDMI and CEC (I only want one remote for both TV and Vero)
  • Screen size between 46 and 50", LED, 3D not really a must, Full HD probably enough (or should I shell out for a 4K for future proofing ?)
  • If the antenna attachment was at/near the bottom left (when viewed from the front) that would be interesting
  • Nice to have: a support which would let me tilt the screen downwards a bit, decent sound

Thank you all very much.

Sorry to hear that.

I think avoid LG for a good CEC implementation – although, some work is being done there.

I would not buy a 4K TV at this time.

I have a projector as my main display myself. I am sure some others can make a good recommendation


My Sony Bravia has been decent enough.

Have to agree on that, LG and CEC is really bad. I was impressed by the CEC features between SONY and OSMC but would have to say the picture quality on the SONY didn’t impressed me.

Curious where you live that you experienced a minor earthquake. Just waiting for the big one to happen on the west coast of Canada. It’s predicted every 350 years and we are overdue. Sorry getting off topic, anyways I have a Sony 50" Bravia and pretty impressed. I would stay away from LG, they used to be a good brand but have slipped over the years. then again so has Sony, hear a lot of good things about Samsung.

Thank you everyone.
After a lot of deliberation I have decided to buy a Sony 55" 55WDL808C

I live in Rome. All of Italy is squeezed between Africa ramming northwards into Europe and this country is very active seismically and we have several (some VERY) active/dangerous volcanoes.

If you want to relax about the “incumbent” earthquake I’d suggest you read a very good which explains a lot around the myths surrounding predictions including earthquake (which you CANNOT predict at all) :smile:

You all take care.

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All of Italy is squeezed between Africa ramming northwards into Europe

I thought you were talking about immigrants for a moment. I had to read it 3 times… and I am waiting for an earthquake to destroy my TV, so I can justify buying a projector :wink:

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Good choice on the TV.

I live in California so earthquakes (small ones) are a pretty normal thing here. If it’s not a 7 or above, I don’t get out of bed. :smile:

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The wife let me buy a projector without the natural disaster :smiley:
TV is for sale :slight_smile: