Suggestion for platform or repo x86_32 CHD

I would like to suggest the following:

OSMC create a repo where one could more easily install a custom version of KODI and CrystalHD drivers on x86_32 machines.

OR Alternately ,

a separate release that might be x86_32 friendly. it would seem that with some modification the existing codebase for OSMC-ATV would not need major tweaking to accommodate some of these machines.

I understand that some of the hardware acceleration for non-ATV devices may have been removed from the existing OSMC-ATV but it seems unnecessary to remove it and might not be necessary to remove in future versions.

This is great work and it would expand the usability of said great work to many older machines such as Mac Minis and olther machines such as intel D525 that may benefit from Linux/CrystalHD decoding as well . CCurrently these other machines , not unlike the have been left behind in “official” builds for lach of CrystalHD support. Here you have CrystalHD support which may only need tweaking to accommodate these other older devices


We don’t have plans to support OSMC on 32-bit platforms. The number of users wanting support for these platforms is very low, but to do do a port would take a considerable amount of developer time. Further to this, I don’t think a single developer has any of these platforms.


I think you are assuming the demand is low despite my constant enconunters with others looking for the same.

I recently tried to hack the current OSMC ATV1 to force it to run on x86_32 hardware and my major problem I believe was the missing abi- kernel file, but in the end I did get it to boot but soon had to move on to bigger things.

Any ideas on how to get the missing abi-…-osmc file for the /boot folder? It does not exist in the HFS+ partition.

copying the osmc-atv ext-4 filesystem to a FAT32 partition then copying the kernel files from the HFS+ to the /boot folder on the newly copied partition almost in itself works, after a boot repair, had it not been for the proper abi-…-osmc file

The very strange part is that I have an old VIA 1.5 GHZ mm3500 box that used to happily boot to an ATV1 CB USB stick . I discovered this once by accident . I wish I could at least get other systems to do the same. Of course it did not have proper video support in the build for ATV.


I’ve no idea what that is, but my guess would be it’s a kernel image. Without any of the hardware you’ve mentioned, I have no way of producing this file.

The 64-bit port is far more pressing, and unfortunately the number of 32-bit platforms is only diminishing. I’m happy to help you bring OSMC up on 32-bit hardware, but without any hardware myself to work on and a small userbase, this is not likely to get attention from the team