[SUGGESTION] the default settings of Transmission App

I would like to suggest to change the default settings.json file that is installed with the Transmission App. It would mean less editing of the json file for most users. speed up setting up your whole media device and also add an extra feature.

Changes compared to current default:

  1. alternative speed down set to 400KB/s. RPi1 users can enable alt speed (the tortoise button in the webUI). 400KB/s is the recommended limit for RPi1.
  2. speed down limited to 2150KB/s. Testing shows this limit helps to keep the communication bus from being congested and Kodi playback slowing down. But it can easily be modified in the WebUI. Currently there is no limit at all which does not make sense for our low powered devices.
  3. RPC login enabled/whitelist disabled, everyone will want to use the webUI, enabling it by default makes sense but also brings risk. A default user/pw (OSMC/OSMC) at least would make sense.
  4. limits on the download and seeding queue: makes sense otherwise it will definitely clog up your device and even the webUI can become inaccessible.
  5. Last but not least: add a script to run after each file has finished downloading. The script will do a JSON call to Kodi to scan only that specific file to the library. It will not trigger a full library refresh. This is a very efficient way of adding files to your library and automates something that most people do manually or have to install addons for.


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