Support for Aurora DSP and its XMOS XE216-512-TQ128

My default way of playing movies, is via my RPi 4 running OSMC. Next to that, I have been playing around with a FreeDSP Aurora DSP for a while. In Windows 10 and Ubuntu, this device is automatically recognized as an 8 output channel audio device. However, OSMC doesn’t seem to see it when I connect it. It only lists the 2.0 channel output of my TV that is connected via HDMI.

Would it be possible to add support for the Aurora DSP?

It would help to know more information. Which version of Ubuntu do you use, and which kernel version?

dmesg output from the Ubuntu system should help us gain an understanding.

How do you connect it to your Windows 10 and Ubuntu devices? Are they also Pi 4 devices?



I was using Ubuntu 20.04. Unfortunately, the kernel question I can’t answer right now, since I’m not at home.

The DSP is connected via a USB 2.0 cable. My home computer is an Intel Core i5 machine. I only use the Pi 4 to run OSMC.

This sounds like the same problem reported here Raspberri p i4 Kodi v19.3 - soundblaster X-fi 5.1 which we are working on.

Could you please provide the same information we requested there?

When you’re back, if you are comfortable with the command line, can you try this:

wget -O kodi.bin
systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo cp /usr/lib/kodi/kodi.bin kodi.bin.bak
sudo cp kodi.bin /usr/lib/kodi/
systemctl start mediacenter

Sorry, I misread this. I thought you were getting 2-channel on the Aurora but not 8 channels. Still worth giving that test kodi a try but we would need the output from Ubuntu Sam asked for to progress any futher.

I have an update for you guys. The fault was entirely on me. The error was caused by a faulty USB cable. It worked fine when almost straight, but failed when having to make a bend. While keeping the DSP stationary, the cable was stretched when connecting it to my PC during the tests, but made a bend when connecting it to my Pi 4.

Using a better cable, the Pi is now able to see the DSP as an 8 channel audio output device. Sorry to have bothered you.

Good to know. USB soundcards should conform to a standard - version 1.0 or 2.0 - but we have found some quirks with some devices.

I still haven’t got round to finding out why many USB soundcards only work at 48kHz sampling rate with Kodi.