Support for AusPi Technologies WiFi adapter [RESOLVED]

Not working with OSMC.

Would be nice to get it going with the Pi as I think it will give a better connection than what I have now.

Chipset: Ralink
Driver: rt2800usb


At the very least please provide a copy of your dmesg output - without knowing the Vid/Pid numbers of the device we can’t do anything. That driver is already present so most likely it has a Vid/Pid combination not currently recognised by the driver.

Thanks DBMandrake.

I’ve got both WiPi and the AusPi Tech WiFi adapter plugged in as I don’t have a long enough Ethernet cable to run the distance.

Not sure what this is but it is from the AusPi Technologies website:

@DBMandrake I got it working by manually activating via connmanctl.

Now I have absolutely no idea as to why it wasn’t recognised when it was plugged into the PiB initially! Tried several times with reboots but it just wasn’t giving me any blinks or connecting light flashes.

Working beautifully and now have an extra bar of reception (3 bars), definitely connects better/quicker and streams really well now.

Very happy.