Support for Chinese and Korean filenames?

All our media is located on a Linux server that also hosts TVHeadend. I have added the Music dir as an NFS link in XBMC, but song titles and filenames with Chinese or Korean characters are only shown as crossed out rectangles. Language support for Korean is installed, so it should have the needed fonts. Is there a problem i XMBC or with NFS?

I have verified that the files indeed show corectly on the NFS host’s fileystem and also if I access it over WinSCP. I had to force UTF-8 in WinSCP though.

How do I get the characters to show correctly?

You need to change to a font (e.g. Arial) that supports the characters

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Thanks for the superfast answer! That was easy. Font was “default”. Apparently is “default” a bad default :slight_smile:

No, default is a treat from a design point of view :wink:

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Haven’t been working on the skin for too long, so wasn’t aware of this. We’ll see, if there’s anything we can do to fix this. Will let you know… No promises though :wink:

In the meantime, the Arial font should suffice as a workaround.


Any progress here? Just ran into this with Justice’s † album which rendered as ⌧ with the default font, but just fine w/ Arial. It’s unfortunate to have to use Arial since it’s so much uglier.

You can’t really expect every font to contain the same extra artwork and since you are only looking at a single album it would be much easier just changing the tags to “Cross” and rescraping that album.

Alternatively you could modify the tag to use a U+2020 (dagger) symbol (I have not tested) as this was a point of contention at Musicbrainz.

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We’ve tried a few things, but unfortunately it’s a hard thing to support the full Unicode charset. Technically we could add CJK versions of our font, but it would have a huge size impact. Unfortunately, Kodi doesn’t offer any way to download a font on demand. We have not found a way yet to solve this in a nice way.

So, the situation remains that Kodi’s built in Arial font is the best compromise for any chars not supported by our own skin font.