Support for Cubox-i

I bought Vero 2 and I’m happy with it, actually more than happy. I love it. I have Cubox 4x4 from before and I would like to run OSMC there also as there is not really any good OS for it. The only working one seems to be Openelec or Libreelec, but they dont allow any installs via apt-get. Is there a way to run OSMC on imx6 device?


no Cubox is unsupported.

There was a discussion long time ago when OSMC got started but focus shifted towards Vero2 and AMLogic instead.

There are ways to run OSMC on Cubox but its not stable so your better off getting a distro thats supported.

the IMX platform is dodgy at best my old hummingboard is collecting dust and my Cuboxes are sold along time ago.

There are better ARM boards out there.

Cubox is dead, only current supported Kodi distro is LibreELEC and even that has only comunity support and not so stable :frowning:

there is also Geexbox

I’ve used GeexBox, but it seems it’s dead for the last year… Cubox is great hardware wise at least. 4gb of memory and quad runs pertty fast.
All other OS’s like arch and xbian are dead too and not work on my Cubox.

Saw test builds for Krypton posted the other day on their forum


The original Vero IS a Cubox, so not all Cuboxes are unsupported :wink:

its not an I4 its an I2 if memory serves… so please dont try and get this thread going.

I’m not trying to get anything going, just pointing out that Vero 1 is IMX platform and apparently dodgy according to you.

yepp it is IMX6 but a CuBox-i2eX plus compability for OSMC on a CuBox-i4eX was abandoned so saying its IMX6 is pointless.

and looking at Solidruns track record on support i get why Sam opted to move away from that platform.

To get OSMC to work on the i2ex and i4 models, the bootloader and kernel would need updating, but the remaining userland would work without any issues.

We have a 4.4 kernel tree which is suitable for this, but as CuBox users decline in number, and the company has not shown much willingness to support their own hardware, we think our efforts are best spent elsewhere. People are excited about devices like PC and ODroid.

SolidRun are also EOLing some of their iMX6 products soon.

We will continue to support our iMX6 offering for some time.

Hmmm, if I understand that correctly, I should be able to get it working on my cubox 4x4?

If you invest your own time, yes. Everything to get it running is there already, you just need to adjust U-Boot and kernel config.

4x4 will need a U-Boot patch for 4G RAM to work properly.

Too bad I dont understand half of the things that you just said. I just have basic linux knowledge, buikding kernel and whatever you said I have no idea how to do that;) Maybe someone with knowlege will see that and make something out of it.