Support for FreeBSD filesystems

Hi have an Panasonic TV on the Hand and the TV used FreeBSD as operating system also reformated the recording HDD I think with UFS or so but bottomline the HDD is not remarks by OSMC. Supporting this would be nice.

So integrating the UFS module in the Kernel would be nice

You will not be able to the content recorded on the Panasonic TV on OSMC or any other devices/Software for that matter. The content is encrypted and only playable on the very same tv used to record it.

Replies like this are unhelpful and pointless. At no point did the OP state anything about trying to access recorded content on the TV’s internal drive. The OP simply is requesting UFS support because that is the file system not just his TV uses, but BSD based systems. How about we stop making assumptions and address the original post

Talking about Unhelpful and pointless replies, you take the lead by replying to a 2 year old tread.