Support for OpenVPN

My use case requires full time vpn with dns binding and firewalling on a RPI 2. Getting to a setup that boots into the required configuration and stays there involves a fair amount of configuration if you start from scratch using cli over SSH.

I have done it manually using openvpn and iptables-save, iptables-restore, etc.

I was therefore pleased that my vpn provide AirVPN has released a suite of software that is compiled for ARM that automates all of this.

Unfortunately, release V. 1.0 does not support OSMC due to divergence from Debian.

Working with the developers there as a beta tester, I learned that one of the issues is that “OSMC iptables-legacy IPv6 section has a peculiar installation (quite different from Debian).”

Is there a reason why?

Frankly I am finding the firewalling changes that came with Debian Buster a pain, but …

The next kernel for RPi should solve this.

dist-upgrade from Stretch to Buster might mean you need to manually reconfigure firewalling however.

I am actually using the latest rpi image, so no dist-upgrade issue.


Then you just need to wait for the kernel that will come with v19.