Support for playing downloading videos?

Is it possible to add support for playing downloading videos, while they are downloading. On windows I am able to start watching a video that is downloading before it is finished downloading. From time to time this helps when you want to start watching a film and it is not yet finished downloading.

When I try to watch a video that is currently still downloading it seems to start the video at a random place within the video and not from the start.

On windows the only limitation is that you can’t skip within the video file when it is still downloading and when you start playing it the video file the seek bar will show the length as to the extent of the download and while you are watching if it completes it will get the end and start playing the rest.

Your going to have to provide way more info on exactly what you are requesting. Videos from what source? This works in Kodi on windows?

If Kodi is not involved in your windows example then it’s unlikely OSMC can create such a function. You’ll need to address the request to Kodi developers.