Support for Ultra HD Blu-rays?

Can we expect Vero 4K to some day support UHD Blu-rays at the same level as regular Blu-rays currently?

I’m not expecting full menu support (altho that would of course be nice) but main feature playback from .iso and BDMV directory would be great. Thanks!

You can play back the main feature currently I believe.

BD-J support won’t happen for GLES platforms at this time, but everything else should be OK.


For regular Blu-rays, I can press the Play button on the remote when a directory containing an .iso or BDMV structure is highlighted, and Vero gives me a dialog box, letting me choose whether to play the main feature, select another title or see the disc menu.

If I press the Play button when a directory containing an UHD Blu-ray .iso or BDMV is highlighted… well, nothing happens. I can certainly navigate to the STREAM directory manually and pick the largest .m2ts but it’s a bit of a hassle.

UHD .iso files don’t appear to be supported at all currently.

The support currently available with BD ISOs or folder structures has to be provided upstream from Kodi - there’s no work done on Kodi v17 anymore, so don’t expect this behaviour to change in the near future. But it might work the same way with UHD discs as it does with BDs in Kodi v18.

For the time being the manual workaround is there :+1:t2: