Supported USB Wlan dongles


after the latest update my wlan does no longer work as the dongle belogs to the ist of the dongels where the driver is no longer supported. I searched quite some time to fins supported wlan dongles that will definitely work with the Raspberry Pi 2B. Do you have a list of wlan dongles that supported by upstream divers that are still able to buy. I really would like to buy a wlan that has kernal support in upstream.

If you could point to a list of supported devices that would be awsome.



Raspberry Pi sell a small, white 2.4G dongle which has upstream support.

Unfortunately this one is discontinued and no longer sold. Any other options.

I personally would not buy a USB adapter over just replacing a 2B with a 3B+. If you are already using a good enough power supply you should be able to just swap everything over from the old one and for $35 you have a very noticeable speed increase. I still have one of the RPi 2’s in use at my house and it definitely feels a bit sluggish compared to the RPi 3’s.

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I would also like to continue using my OSMC setup (with Raspberry 2, 7" touch display and HifiBerry, which stopped working without warning after the last update.

Seems like the EDIMAX nano WLAN dongle is no longer being supported by OSMC, which is a pity since it is quite a popular device.

I also spent hours reading through other threads, like
which is rather old and
but without concrete results.

There are references to a list of supported devices, and mentions to the WIKI, but I could not find it.
The wiki shows one seemingly relevant page FAQ for Raspberry PI but no list is mentioned either.

Could you please give me a pointer of which chipsets are still supported?