Supported Wifi Dongles?

Sorry if I missed then when I searched, but is there a list of supported Wifi dongles for the RPi2 on OSMC? I have two that are running on the RTL8188CU chipest; both were used previously with RPi Model B+ with RaspBMC and worked perfect for over two years.

The issues I’m having were quickly eliminated when I tested using ethernet but that is not practical for me as the router is in a completely separate part of thee house.

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Just bumping this because I need to know the same thing. The wifi dongle I have at the moment is not supported in the RC (I’ve added the details here), so I want to get a new dongle that will definitely work and it would help if someone could a provide a few examples of wifi dongles that have been proven to work, so I can find a replacement as soon as possible.


Any chance of someone just quickly posting the brand and model of the wifi dongle that they use that is supported by the RC? That’s all we need here :slight_smile:

I know it doesn’t help at all right now, but the Foundation are bringing out their own ‘branded’ mini wi-fi dongle, which should be available within the next week or so… shouldn’t it Liz? :wink:

Thanks @Montala - that’s good to know. I would quite like to get something as soon as possible though because my Pi currently can’t connect to the internet which detracts from the whole experience. What dongle do you use (if any)?

For what it’s worth, I got myself a D-Link Wireless N 150 Pico USB Adapter and the wifi now works flawlessly.

Are you getting good range with the adaptor? The dongle I have works but the range is much more limited compared to when I use it with Raspbmc or Openelec. With OSMC I have to be in the same room as the wireless router, with the others I can be upstairs in the back of the house… just don’t understand it. :flushed:

My Pi is in the same room as my router and I get 2 out of 4 bars of signal in OSMC, so it’s definitely not perfect, but it’s suitable for my needs.

Is there anywhere a list of supported devices, or chipset?

No – this is explained in the Wiki