Surten 4k hdr content is playing distorted

Dear support

i recently noticing that surten 4k hdr content is not playing wel on my vero 4k plus with plex for kodi plugin. The image is heavily distorted. However the same content is playing perfectly when using the plex app on my samsung tv. first i thought maybe this content is hdr+. but i checked the file and it is not the case. i checked the hdr settings on my vero 4k plus and its set to auto. i bypassed my denon x2200w av receiver by connecting the vero hdmi direcy into my samsung tv but the image is still heavily distorted.

I hope the below debug log link can tell you more about this.

With kind regards

oeps i send this problem too soon. i think i solved the problem by changing the framerate setting from on start to end into always. however it always worked with on start to stop

Glad you found a posible solution, what I never got from your description was if you tried to run the 4k content direct from usb storage without Plex handle the file access and streaming. I don’t know much about Plex, but my memory tells me there is some “auto transcoding”. That “could effect” the Vero, if the start of the stream Plex perhaps sends one constant bitstream for audio, to be replaced with a variable bitstream half-way, giving the decoder a hard time keeping sync. Effecting the whole experience.

I believe Plex does not currently support transcoding video to anything other than h.264 which is problematic with 4k HDR content. If it happens again I would check the dashboard of your Plex server to see if it shows as being transcoded.

transcoding has nothing to do with the problem i had. The beauty is that the vero 4k plus can direct play everything that comes from my plex media server. i checked it many times no transcoding took place. It had to be the framerate setting on the vero that didnt work anymore but now set to always solved my issues.

@phantomman As I said, I’m glad you found a solution that works for you.

I’m still curious to know if the same file played on the Vero directly from USB-drive or network-share would have the same problem?

As you said, you have eliminated the perceived problem but I wondered if it’s just hidden. I want to understand if it’s a “transmission problem” or Vero4k hw decoding problem. And the easiest way to do that is to try the same file via USB-disc, that way eliminate dataspeed problems or any “tampering” that may have occurred by using one “All_in_One Media solution” to send to another.

Did you mean “certain 4K”?

sorry my bad i skimmed your previous message. i understand your question i wil try to do the usb file test soon. First i want to try to make the vero device more power efficient. i just connected the vero on a smartplug and in suspend mode it keeps on using 2,3 watts if i disable the sceensaver before putting the vero in suspend mode it still uses 2,24 watts almost as much when the vero is turned on and idle. i am doing this because my monthly electic and gas bill is exploding so i started and reviewing if i can cut back on electricity on all my devices.

yes sorry my english is not perfect i should use spell check. :grin: