Suspecting RPI3 running with OSMC spoiled my TVs HDMI port


I have a RPI3 running latest OSMC for last around 3 months and it was connected to HDMI Port 1 of my samsung LED TV. After around two months of problem free operation, one day I got the message Mode bot supported on my TV when I select the source where the RPi3 was connected. I thought it was a resolution problem and connected my xbox 360 to it and tried with different resolutions like 1080p/1080i/720p/720i etc…but nothing seem to work. After ensuring that its a hardware problem I logged a service request with Samsung. Now the service engineering guy is telling its a hardware problem and the complete motherboard of TV needs replacement. When I asked what caused this, he was telling like it may be because of the voltage fluctuation from the HDMI source device which is nothing but RPi3!

My RPi3 osmc configuration is like All default settings for CEC related stuff and I dont generally shutdown my RPi3.
Any one out there faced issues like this?
Keeping HDMI always on (hdmi_force_hotplug=1) would have averted this problem??

Please help.

Sivabalan K

There are more than 10 Million Pi’s out there. The likelyhood that a Pi causes an voltage fluctuation that causes a TV Motherboard to fail is quite unlikely I would say.

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It can happen that the raspberry PI’s power supply is bad. Usually though this causes the PI to crash frequently.
But that would be rather because of a cheap power supply.

I however don’t really think that a device could cause the HDMI port to be damaged like that. I think they just want to fingerpoint at another cause. I can be wrong, but devices like TV’s are not meant to last long anymore.
Obsolescence is planned into these systems by design, so they last at least as long as the Warranty is valid.

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You may be right. My TV’s is 6 years old. :frowning:

I can’t see how the Pi 3 could cause damage to your TV through HDMI.

The Raspberry Pi 3 has a monitor chip (APX803) to detect undervoltage. I suspect this would also pick up fluctations, and this would be shown in the form of a rainbow square.

If your Pi 3 still works, then it’s unlikely that the device has been overvolted, because the Pi would have also stop working.


Ok I understand. But why I had this doubt is the HDMI 1 port was not used for a very long time and then I have connected RPi3 running osmc in it. After that also it was fine for 2 months then this problem happened. Anyway now I have connected my RPi3 to another HDMI port. Let’s see what’s happens.