Suspend issues

I’ve been trying to get the suspend function to work with my Vero5. When i set it to suspend after 5 minutes it goes into suspend mode with the blue light on the front panel. When I awake it the next day it appears to awake ok until I try to play any video. The player appears to start but no video. The sound of the video works but no video.
I reboot and everything works fine. When I suspend it and awake it after 30 minutes or so it appears to work fine. The problem appears to occur after a few hous in suspend mode.
My Vero4÷ doesn’t have this problem.
Any thoughts as to what might be the problem and any fixes to alleviate this issue.

Some logs with debugging enabled should highlight the issue

Ok. Will attempt to setup debug and turn logging on begore I turn in tonight.

Sorry to butt in, what’s the intended outcome of the suspend function? I can see the blue light and image disappears but I can still ssh into the Vero and see the processes running with Kodi consuming similar CPU and memory resources. It seems that suspend only stops the video output. Is this the intended outcome?

Pretty much, yes.

It also lowers the CPU and GPU frequency.

Thanks for confirming. I was expecting something akin to a laptop’s suspend to RAM but not the case here. I’ve a cronjob to stop the mediacenter service overnight when not watching so this wouldn’t offer any benefit for my use case. Thanks for the input.

I think the main reason the Suspend function exists is simply to prevent other devices from switching inputs because the OSMC device is still producing an active HDMI signal. The thing only burns about 2W so it’s not the end of the world keeping it turned on all the time.

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I’ve enabled debug logging and rebooted the unit. And replicated the issue but havent been able to upload a log file as every time I try to write it to a sdcard there is nothing written. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. In the meantime I’ve just not enabled suspend.

So your trying to use the grab-logs -A -C method to sanitize your logs as found in the support request wiki?