Suspend/sleep behaviour

1st let me say i really appreciate the suspend mode, it makes my mind clear when i know the LED is red ^^

However i noticed some strange behaviour, i will describe in following scenario:

  • I just finished watching a movie, now pressing button to suspend the Vero. Picture goes blank and TV behaves like there is no input whatsoever.
  • I turn off TV and do whatever. Some time later i turn on tv TV.
  • This is where something happens, when i turn on the TV while Vero is in suspend mode, I can now see Vero screen like it was turned on, with background changing movie posters, but the LED is still red.
  • I press a button on Vero remote (any button works) and picture turns purple for a split second and now the LED is blue and vero fully on.

So my question is, in what mode the Vero exactly is when the TV is off and LED red? The strange thing is, when i suspend vero, the TV shows there is no input - which is correct behaviour. But when i turn on TV some time later it shows as if the Vero was ON. The purple flash (which happens after i press the button - i wake up the vero) is telling me that i somehow make the Vero fully ON, but was it in suspend mode or was just the LED red?

Suspend mode will turn off HDMI signal (to allow TV to stand by and also it will put the CPU into low power mode but generally OSMC will stay operational while in suspend mode

It is no real suspend or sleep. Only HDMI Signal will stop and this is how it should work as far as i know.

But i noticed the same behavior, when i turn my tv back on with the vero in suspend it displays kodi but when i touch the remote the screen goes black (in my case) and then it functions like normal. So for some reason turning on the tv reenables the hdmi connection but im no expert :wink:

I think this suspense mode was integrated so that the tv/beamer turns of automatically if you forgot the vero was still running (black screensaver) at least thats why i am using it.
Cant see a difference if the screensaver is on (OLED) compared to the tv being off so this is a nice feature to have.

Yes, that’s the goal.

I can fix that. Thanks for the report.

Alright thanks for the answers guys.

Does suspend mode work with advanced wake on lan?

I tried to use it to turn on my nas when the vero wakes from suspend but it never works.
Works fine if I restart, then the nas is woken up fine.

We were sending WOL packets in Suspend and users weren’t happy with this, so this is now disabled

Hi Sam, Im not sure i explained correctly.

I don’t want wol packets while in suspend.
If i wake the vero from suspend then a wol packet is required.

If this existed before why did other users want it disabled?

And is that only disabled with the the built in wol or is that also disabled with advanced wol addon?

Are you saying you want to be able to wake the Vero 4K from standby using WOL?

Generally Kodi will sent a WOL packet as soon as you would access a share on the NAS. So is that not working? Or you want to wake your NAS even so you may not access it?

Hi i’ll explain in more detail. I seem to have confused everyone.

I want to wake the vero from suspend using the bundled control.

I then want the vero to send a wol packet to my nas drive to wake it up.

I understand as fzinken points out that Kodi does this when you access a share, and i have been using this successfully for the last 6 years with my zotac mini pc where the share was mounted as NFS from within kodi.

However if you are using fstab then it breaks the wol function within Kodi, which is why i have downloaded the addon Advanced WOL.
Advanced WOL provides a feature to send a wol packet when you wake the vero from suspend, but for some reason it doesn’t work.

Unless the addon has functionality to listen for when Vero comes out of screensaver, I’m not sure if it will be possible with this addon

ok i understand, as this is not a suspend mode as the addon understands suspend to be.
Suspend on the vero is actually closer to a blank screen rather than suspend as i would know it from a normal pc.

Do you know how other users are managing to update their library and wake their nas drives from suspend?

This is a bit offtopic, but:
Why would you want your NAS drives to sleep in the first place? NAS drives are usually made for 24/7 runtime, putting them to sleep or shutting them down actually does more wear to the drives.

Consider running them at 24/7, it’s proven that the reason why drives fail is mostly because they are being turned off/on (this is actually why other electronics fail, too).

There is certainly a huge number of people who believe that, and equally there is huge number that put them into sleep when not being used. It’s just your own preference, don’t think there is a right or wrong.

Mine isn’t turning on and off constantly throughout the day. i have it set to turn on at 4pm and turn off at 2am. We don’t tend to be home during the day.

I can speak with years of experience in a major corporations computer center that 99% of our drive failures were on powerup. We had a huge amount of failure on 1/1/2000 when were were forced (against our recommendations) to power cycle a number of systems that had been running for years. If I remember correctly, it was something like 10% of the systems failed that night because of drive failures. Would the drives have failed without the power cycle? Probably. But it may have been years in the future.

I don’t dispute that, ive read the Backblaze reports about it too.

At the end of the day i am not an enterprise, i don’t have enterprise class drives, servers, ups, air con etc.

I therefore apply a different rationale to how i treat my gear. I am more worried that if i keep them running all the time then one day ill need to mess around with the network cables or something like that, therefore i would turn the nas off and find it doesn’t work after turning it back on.

I use seagate ironwolf nas drives but not the pro versions. I think they rated for 300,000 load/unload cycles, considering i only have 1 cycle a day i think it will be fine.

I really like the suspend/sleep option and have been using it since it has been introduced. I still have one issue when using this option. When the Vero has gone to suspend and a wake-up. The screensaver isn’t working anymore. I like to use a picture screensaver which normally activates after a few minutes, but as soon as the Vero has been on suspend…. the screensaver isn’t activated anymore.

I hope this can be solved in a future release?


Screensaver won’t work in suspend, same as putting your PC to sleep or hibernate.

If you want the screeensaver just the leave the vero4k on.

Thanks Tom.

haha Yes I know the screensaver won’t work when the Vero is in suspend mode.
I mean after wakeup screensaver doesn’t work anymore when the Vero is on.