Suspend/sleep behaviour

There is certainly a huge number of people who believe that, and equally there is huge number that put them into sleep when not being used. It’s just your own preference, don’t think there is a right or wrong.

Mine isn’t turning on and off constantly throughout the day. i have it set to turn on at 4pm and turn off at 2am. We don’t tend to be home during the day.

I can speak with years of experience in a major corporations computer center that 99% of our drive failures were on powerup. We had a huge amount of failure on 1/1/2000 when were were forced (against our recommendations) to power cycle a number of systems that had been running for years. If I remember correctly, it was something like 10% of the systems failed that night because of drive failures. Would the drives have failed without the power cycle? Probably. But it may have been years in the future.

I don’t dispute that, ive read the Backblaze reports about it too.

At the end of the day i am not an enterprise, i don’t have enterprise class drives, servers, ups, air con etc.

I therefore apply a different rationale to how i treat my gear. I am more worried that if i keep them running all the time then one day ill need to mess around with the network cables or something like that, therefore i would turn the nas off and find it doesn’t work after turning it back on.

I use seagate ironwolf nas drives but not the pro versions. I think they rated for 300,000 load/unload cycles, considering i only have 1 cycle a day i think it will be fine.

I really like the suspend/sleep option and have been using it since it has been introduced. I still have one issue when using this option. When the Vero has gone to suspend and a wake-up. The screensaver isn’t working anymore. I like to use a picture screensaver which normally activates after a few minutes, but as soon as the Vero has been on suspend…. the screensaver isn’t activated anymore.

I hope this can be solved in a future release?


Screensaver won’t work in suspend, same as putting your PC to sleep or hibernate.

If you want the screeensaver just the leave the vero4k on.

Thanks Tom.

haha Yes I know the screensaver won’t work when the Vero is in suspend mode.
I mean after wakeup screensaver doesn’t work anymore when the Vero is on.


Sorry misread your post. Debug logs with the issue reproduced, would help towards a fix.

Thanks Tom.

Hi, I will do so tonight or tomorrow.

I have been busy, so I bit delayed…. but I just uploaded a log file for a cycle:
reboot - wait 5 minutes for activation of screen saver - push a button - go to suspend - wait - wake up - wait almost 10 minutes for activation of screensaver… it never activates until I make a reboot.

Log file

I hope you can find something in the log file.

This should now be fixed in today’s update, which will be available in a few hours.


I’m having an issue where sometimes after my Vero 4k goes into suspend mode, I cannot get it to send an HDMI signal again. Reboot is my only option.

How do you wake it?

I use Kodi IP control and send the “home” IP command, however, no IP commands will wake the HDMI connection. I believe it’s awake though because I can hear the Kodi “click” sound. I can successfully reboot it with the reboot IP command.

Suggest to provide debug logs from the case where HDMI signal doesn’t recover

Ok thank you, might take a couple days to replicate but I’ll be back with debug logs. In the mean time. I found this. What are your thoughts?

Try if replugging the HDMI cable helps

It does fix it if I unplug and plug back in the HDMI cable. I’ll change that setting and report back.

It looks like ‘Enable HPD Lock under Settings -> Display’ has fixed the issue.

Is there a possibility to update library when waking from the sleep/suspend mode? I’m using Vero now for a week or two, and I stopped turning it off completely, instead I set 30 minutes of inactivity to put it on suspend. I prepare my files on NAS and I want Vero to auto update library when I turn on the TV and wake it from sleep? Any add-on or option for that? Also, one more thing, how can I program Home button on the remote to take me back to the first selection on the main Menu? Now, no matter where I am, pressing it will take me back, but never to the starting position (Movies) but to the one I had selected before going to the menus, Weather or Setting or Programs… I want Home button on remote to be what it says, to bring me all the way to the starting selection no matter where I was.