SVideo Out on ATV1?

Will it work on ATV1 with only SVHS connected as well?

I remember with the crystalbuntu releases I need to change something in xorg.conf so that it sends out svhs signal over the composite connections
I am using a self soldered cable which still works nicely on my old trinitron. Would be great if this still worked in OSMC.

So you are saying that you could get svideo output from the composite connector, with a modified cable ?

Based on old Linux posts, X11 can sometimes automatically detect svideo connections.
If auto detection fails you may have to add the line:
Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"
to the device section in xorg.conf

If you still have your old xorg.conf file from Crystalbuntu, you could copy that over via ssh and it might work, since it’s still X11 used for OSMC on the ATV1.