Switch between Engish and Russian layouts of hardware keyboard in Kodi


My config is RPi3/OSMC 2016-08.08-1 / USB keyboard (wireless)

I need to be able to switch between Engish and Russian layouts of hardware keyboard in Kodi.

As I understand from my little knowledge of Linux, keyboard layouts can be configured either via setxkbmap (but OSMC does not use X.Org) or at /etc/default/keyboard (which probably has no effect on Kodi).

How can I get multiple keyboard layouts work on OSMC?


Have you figured out how to do this?
I’m interested in the same thing.
Thank you

Nope. I suppose it is needed to hack around with Kodi standalone wrapper or probably run it on the top of some general purpose Linux distribution like Raspbian. Unfortunately I have no time for it so I just use remote app on my phone when I need to type cyrillic.

Same problem. And this is problem for LibreELEC OpenELEC and XBian as well. Tried to modify keymap in keyboard.xml but no luck there either. The only current solution is to use mobile client from smartphone or sendtext via http ipadress:8080 - send text

there is a feature request here but it seems that no one cares, as more than 1 year have pased already