Switch from USB back to SD Card

Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster-

I have a Pi3 with OSMC I put together awhile ago and some time later I read that a usb stick might increase the speed so I set that up. I now want to go back to just using the SD (this will eventually go in my daughters’ room as I plan on buying a vero in a month or so) but I am a total noob with Linux and cant figure out exactly what I need to do. I am guessing I need to copy the usb contents to the sd and delete some command that tells the boot manager to look at the usb thats on the sd somewhere but I need help.

I really dont want to reinstall.

I usually use windows but I have a linux box that i use as a media server. I am a cut & paste linux user :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your responses.


Your best bet is to probably use the MyOSMC backup tool to save your .kodi directory from the USB stick. Then do a fresh installation on a new SD Card and restore the backup.

Or you could just do a new install, boot (without the USB stick). SSH in, insert the USB stick, stop kodi and copy the files from the USB to the SD card (files in /home/osmc/.kodi). Personally that’s how I would do it, but it takes a little more linux knowledge.

For your USB setup do still use a SD card to hold the firmware or did you actually go all in and change the OTP to boot from USB without a SD card installed?

I haven’t ever tried that newer method since I wouldn’t want to but when I read about it says that the OTP change is permanent and can’t be reverted to use a SD card.

Thanks for the suggestion and will keep it in mind but I am currently trying not to do a reinstall.

The SD still has the firmware on it. If I remember correctly I edited cmdline.txt(? or some other file) to find the files on sda1 (the usb) after copying all the files from the sd to usb. I just dont know what the backward process would be. Just copy the files back to the SD and edit the file (whichever that was) to boot from sda0? I just dont want to mess about without a more educated hand guiding me :wink:

In essence, yes. You would need to edit both /boot/cmdline.txt and /etc/fstab and make sure to copy all the files with the right permissions, etc. bmillham’s backup/restore suggestion is the best way to go.

Thank you grahamh. I really am considering bmillham’s suggestion more and more because of the problems I may encounter.