Switch supported passthrough Formats remotely?

I just got myself a new AVR (Denon AVR-X1700H) and have connected my vero4k to it.
This works great and the AVR supports native playback of any movie audio track so i want to passthrough everything.
Before i had an old LG AVR which i connected using TOSLINK and had the vero plugged into the TV directly.

With the new AVR i am now facing the issue that when the AVR is turned off, that my TV can’t handle all passedthrough audio streams and i get no audio at all with some files. This wouldnt really bother me for movies which i want to enjoy in surround anyway but i also noticed this with several tv show.
I don’t want to use the AVR all the time and going into the settings everytime to switch the supported formats would be very annoying and is no acceptable solution for my wife :wink:

Now i thought that this should be possible remotely. I am running homeassistant and NodeRed and could easily trigger some scripts when the AVR is turned on/off to remotely configure the vero/kodi to toggle the settings automatically.

Now i am wondering if someone might have already done this or if there is a better solution?
I checked the vero audio guides and searched this community forum but i haven’t found anything.

I would think the simplest solution would be to just keymap a “audiotoggledigital” to a button on your remote and call it a day but if you want to make things much more complicated for yourself you could research doing json-rpc calls to Kodi.

Well that a solution as well, and i will implement this as well but an automatic switching would be even better imo with a remote button as fallback (if for some reason my automation system is down).

I also stumbled upon the Audio Profiles addon which should make the configuration even easier.

Ok have a good solution working now.

I setup the “Audio Profiles” Addon with two profiles (AVR, TV). This basically toggles between 2.0 and 7.1 Channels and Passthrough of AC3/DTS/DTS-HD etc.

I can easily toogle those profiles now using a spare button on my remote by exeucting the addon using the profile number as parameter.

I then setup an automation in HomeAssistant that triggers when the AVR is turned on or off. It sends a RPC command to the Vero4k which also switches the profile based on the state of the AVR.
This works great and switches the profile in 1-3 seconds and works even mid playback.

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