Switch to Estuary does not persist

When I switch from the OSMC skin to Estuary, and I don’t change any other skin setting in Estuary afterwards, then the skin will be changed back to the OSMC skin after a reboot. However if I change any skin-related setting (e.g. the view level to Expert) after switching to Estuary and then do the reboot, the change persists. I got 2 log files: The first log was uploaded after the reboot that reset the skin to the OSMC skin. Then I switched to Estuary again and adjusted the view level and rebooted again and the skin change persisted. Then I uploaded the second log.

Btw it does not matter what I configured in Estuary before switching to the OSMC skin and back to Estuary. Any switch to the OSMC skin and back to Estuary without changing any skin-related setting afterwards will trigger this “bug”. So to reproduce this, I just have to change to the OSMC skin, then switch to Estuary and reboot the device. After the reboot, the skin is reset to the OSMC skin.

FYI this problem was not introduced with the Nexus update because I did experience it ca. 2 months ago when I was still on 19.4.

It is a Kodi bug, not an OSMC issue (it is not platform specific). The cause is that when you switch skins it takes you back to the home screen. The trigger for saving guisettings.xml is exiting out of a settings screen. If you change the skin and then just go into the settings again and then back out the settings should then be saved and it should survive a reboot. If you wanted the bug fixed you would need to take it up with Kodi.


Is this bug known to the Kodi Team?

Why is the change from Estuary to the OSMC skin not affected by this?

I haven’t a clue, sorry. I just know it isn’t a new issue and I had previously run into it and worked out what was going on and found that Kodi on Windows did the exact same thing so I just left it at that.

It is. I think that sometimes some (unknown to me) thing trigger the update to guisettings.xml anyway. You play with it enough and you can get it to do the same with OSMC or other skins as well.