Switch to Estuary does not stick

Glad to receive a Vero V today! As with my prior experience of fresh installs on a Vero 4, switching the skin to Estuary during the setup sequence does not survive the first reboot. However, even after switching to Estuary again, the OSMC skin comes back every time I reboot. I updated to August OSMC but the problem persists. Not the end of the world but I like Estuary and would like to make this stick on a reboot. Any advice?

This is annoyingly a Kodi bug (also occurs on other platforms). If you change another setting in Kodi, it should flush out the settings to disk. You can then toggle that setting back to what it was and it should be persistent.

I will look at a proper fix when the dust settles down a bit.

thanks, I had a hunch on that and amended my main menu items and Estuary stuck on reboot. Looking forward to checking it out.