Switch to HDMI input used by Vero 4k using included remote

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my ideal scenario would be something like this:

Watching TV with my Sat-STB and want to watch something on the Vero. Picking up the Vero remote and clicking “Enter”. The AVR switches to the HDMI-Input the Vero is connected to and i can start picking what i want to watch.

The Apple TV4 can do this, also my Technisat STB does this. But no KODI device can do this.

Currently i have to use the AVR remote to switch inputs manually. Since i’m also controlling volume with the Vero remote if the above would work i could put away the AVR remote completely.

Technical background:
I THINK the remote has to send a CEC command (CECActivateSource) to the AVR to make it switch to the input the Vero is connected to.

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That’s right.
You should be able to patch the key map and repurpose a button to do this

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this as standard behaviour? Would there be side effects? Maybe have an option in the CEC Plugin to enable/disable this?

I’m not sure what you mean by standard behaviour. To make it standard would require adding an extra button to the remote; which could be a little strange.

This should be achievable with the keymap editor already.

It would be perfect if the “Enter” button (“Home”-Button would also be nice or - if possible - every remote button) would be sending “Enter” + “CECActivateSource” whenever pressed.

Even better would be a check if the Vero is the active source and only send the CECActivateSource command if it’s not.

There’s been some problems with active source in the past; and sending this on press may cause some undesirable behaviour, particularly if the TVs don’t implement it in the way we expect.

For now, you can map the Home or Enter button to send this manually however.


Mapping the “Home” button on the remote to CECActivateSource does what i want. Thanks!

			<key id="37">cecactivatesource</key>
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