Switched USB Cable with OSMC and Pi3


I have a switched USB cable which I first got for a Raspberry Pi 2 before upgrading to a Pi3, it worked fine on both. I recently updated my OSMC on Pi3 and now I am constantly getting the flashing lightning bolt icon in the corner of the screen.

I’ve narrowed it down to being the switched USB that is the problem so I want to get another but first wanted to ask if anyone can recommend one that they have got to work with Kodi 17 running on Pi3.

Any recommendations please?


Are you looking for a power supply recommendation?

Not the power supply, just the cable (with a switch). Like this:



Please bare in mind that on/off switches are not recommended, as it makes it easier to switch the pi on and off if an issue occurs (like a freeze) with out investigating properly; which will lead to further damage to the install; if not the sd card.

But saying that:

I would go for one of these, when I used the separate switch cable; I found the full 2.5 amps was not being delivered. These do a better a Job.

Thanks Tom.

Thanks for the recommendation Tom.

I’m not sure that having a switch would encourage unnecessary hard rebooting as pulling the cable out is just as easy. Having a switch is just more convenient.

In the reviews for that switch someone else says exactly the same thing

Not powerful enough for the Pi3
Works Great with my B+/Pi2/Zero, but with the Pi3 I get the undervoltage warning - Which I don’t get withe the same adapter/cable attached directly.

I cant read the reviews, for some reason it keeps looping back to the home page.

So even when they say it works with the Pi 3 people are still saying it doesn’t. It looks to me like there may not be one then.


Just to clarify jb2cool is referring to the cable from pihut:

Thanks Tom.

I see, I misunderstood. So the one you recommended from modmypi is ok then? have you used it yourself?

There isn’t much point in powering off the device with a switch on the cable.
Unfortunately because we don’t recommend this practice at all, we can’t recommend a specific peripheral to do this.

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I really don’t see what the issue is. Having a switch is more convenient than pulling the cable out and reinserting it every time you want to power on. What actual damage does the switch do? None if you shut down properly so what’s the problem?

OSMC will not recommend any item we have not used/tested for ourselves. If you wish to have the switched functionality, good luck to you with your purchase.

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I wasn’t asking OSMC to recommend anything, I was asking if any users had found one that worked.


I’ve sent you a message, please check your inbox.

Thanks Tom.

I find a switched socket does the job.

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I’ll throw in my two pence, I had a switched USB cable, caused all sorts of problems and I just couldn’t understand how.

Official Pi adapter with a professionally made switch, I had the flashing lightning bolt, skipping and freezing video.

Took the switch out of the equation and everything worked perfectly, now I just use the CEC control to “power up” and “power down” the Pi.

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