Switching on the rasp 2

I have to switch on my tv first, then my rasp 2.
Is it possible to correct this?

Do you mean you get no picture at all, or just the wrong resolution? If the latter, I think you can force the resolution in the Pi config. Try an RPi forum if no-one responds here.


Don’t think EDID is the issue, it’s getting the TV to tell Pi ‘hey, I’m on’. I suspect the adapter isn’t passing that message through.

Edit: ignore me: got confused with another post about hdmi:vga adapter.

no picture at all. I have one of the two hdmi ports that supports 4 k, just for info, but, both refuse to detect the rasp , unless the tv is switched on first!

For booting the Raspberry the TV needs to be on as written in the wiki that @ActionA posted.
After that you should be able to switch your TV on/off without issue (assuming the Raspberry continues running.
If you can not ensure that the TV is on before you power up the Pi you would need to force the HDMI as also explained in the wiki

thank you all folks!