Switching source on AVR drops HDMI passthrough audio till reboot

Hi there,

Currently using latest up to date build of KOKI on OSMC running on Pi 3 with not much hassle.

Pi boots up and all AV settings are 100% all of the time but when we switch source on Denon AVR and switch back the picture (and full HDMI CEC functionality) works as hoped but the audio passthrough to the AVR doesn’t work till we reboot the pi via reboot option in Kodi.

Somewhat more of a niggle and hassle all in all but is there any advice on how to check what’s being dropped on reconnect audio wise?

tvservice commandline is showing consistent detection of the AVR’s capabilities when parsed properly.

I’m wondering if enabling CEC control if it’s not gracefully re-connecting/completing when switching over.

Any top tips would be fab and happy to dive into scripts, logs etc as advised, just looking for where to start.




Thanks, most insightful.