Symlinks not seen by OSMC when using OpenMediaVault (Samba)

Hi there,

When I connect my HDD with an NTFS format to my OMSC over an USB interface than there are no problems with symlinks that are on that drive. So I thought lets setup a Samba server with OpenMediaVault software. So be it. When I now connect that drive with the OMV software and open a filer window in OSMC than after logging in my Samba user account OSMC shows only the true file’s and ignores the symlinks. But when I open my Samba user account in Windows 10 than it shows both the real file’s and the symlinks. Who can/will point me in the good direction to solve the problem with OSMC and/or OMV. I’m still a learner in Unix so explain the commands that I need to use.

Thank for your help.

There is a setting in the Samba server configuration that determines if symlinks will be followed.

You’ll need to change that in OMV.

I’ve never used OMV so I’m afraid I can’t tell you how.

Hi yknivag,

Thanks for your reply.
But why shows the windows10 samba client both file types. I know that Windows can’t handle the symlinks because they are created under linux. But it shows the symlinks as file’s and in OSMC it shows only the real .m4v files.

When I look in the OMV Samba file /etc/samba there is a file called smb.conf.
[New] is the directory where the files are stored.
When I open this file then I see the following contents:

#======================= Share Definitions =======================
path = /media/F4A897D1A89790AA/New/
guest ok = no
read only = no
browseable = yes
inherit acls = yes
inherit permissions = no
ea support = no
store dos attributes = no
printable = no
create mask = 0664
force create mode = 0664
directory mask = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
hide special files = yes
directory mask = 0775
force directory mode = 0775
hide special files = yes
follow symlinks = yes
hide dot files = yes

So the symlinks will be followed in OMV.

As you have follow symlinks enabled then I think maybe this would be better raised on the OMV forum at

My guess is that there is probably a conflict between the version of Samba that OMV is running and the version OSMC is running.

I contacted the OpenMediaVault forum to and they told me that ‘Symlinks across mount points are disabled in OMV because of security.’ So I replyed with ‘But why shows a Windows 10 Samba client the Symlinks in a filer window.’ I did not get an answer to that question yet. What other Samba client software would you recommend to use on a RaspberryPi in combination with OSMC.

You don’t need any software to use Samba as a client in OSMC.

Regarding setting up a Samba server, you can run Samba server on virtually any linux based operating system, just make sure you use the latest stable version available.