Sync library database between devices

A feature I would like to see, and I believe maybe useful to others, would be an App or something built in to OSMC that allowed multiple Pi’s, Kodi’s, etc to sync library database between each other.

Either one device acts as a master server, or each device talks to each other and asks the other if its seen any updates since last time and if so syncing them.

Just a thought!

It’s been in Kodi/XBMC for quite a while.
See here:

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Yeah I was just about to post the same link. It’s been a Kodi feature for ages.

I realise you can use a central mysql server, was thinking more peer to peer between devices.

You would probably need a mySQL cluster of some sort (each device as a node) to be able to do that and in the end it would probably be harder to setup and maintain than a central mySQL server.

Another feature already available is UPNP.
There are some quirks with Kodi´s UPNP that can be problematic depending on the setup, but in general it works quite well.
You cannot scan UPNP sources into libraries today though, but depending on what skin you are using you can still get a similar setup on the clients.
It will be the future replacements of the MySQL setup, but it is probably quite some time before this is the case.