Sync multiple Vero 4+ (multidisplay)

Any change of adding a master/slave sync option through TCP/IP to create a vidiwall/multi display using multiple OSMC Vero4+ ?

Vero can do anything that Kodi can do. You might like to ask on Kodi’s forum. There could even be an add-on that could help you.

If you outlined your requirements in more detail, it would be easier to advise.

Does multi-wall mean the picture is segmented, or do you just want the same video on multiple displays in sync?

Hi Sam, thanks for the reply.
Not segmented but f.i. 3 different files with the same lenght (can even be with the same name) on 3 different Vero’s that play in sync. Like 1 vero is the “master” that triggers the “slaves” and keep them into sync. As an example: a ball that rolls across 3 screens.
Hope this makes any sence.

Thanks Graham, I’ll take a look at the Kodi forum

I have managed to play the same video on two different screens ‘perfectly’ in sync (judged by the audio tracks) for about an hour by just starting them at the same time with json commands.

For that, the sources should be identically timestamped or with a known timing offset and local to each Vero or on a very reliable network connection. If you have short videos it should be no problem.

I’m not aware of a ready-made method to make sure two or three videos remain in sync ‘for ever’ but if there is one using json then as I say someone may have written an add-on for Kodi.

For best results, playing from USB might be best.