Synology NAS HD question

Question for Synology NAS user.
For the moment I buy Deskstar NAS HGST 6TO discs, now my reseller tell me that he have only 8TO or 10TO.
Somebody have some experiences with the 8 TO discs ???

I’ve had some bad experience with high capacity HGST disks, but this is my own experience only.

Hi Sam
Thank’s for the info.
I use HGST 4 and 6 TO discs since some… time, and it’s works fine. For 8to i found that
I think the best way to know it’s to try, and I’ve a “real life reseller” since some years and he give 3 years warranty, also I try. And the pricing it’s the same for 8TO like before for 6TO.

I have not tried since 6TB, so it’s probably improved.