Synology NAS - smb password change

Synology NAS - smb password change

I need some help on that matter:
Synology told me to change my login account (from the default admin to another username with Admin rights)
I changed the password in the passwords.xml file found in the userdata folder. (on a Vero 4k)

old :




I did edit it on my Mac , after transferring it with ftp with BBEdit. Deleted the old file in the userdata folder, and transferred the new one.
After reboot, I found that in the setttings > edit network location , the smb connection works still with the old “admin” acoount .
What could I do ?



I’d suggest that you SSH to the V4K and edit the file using nano.

Before you edit the file, run this command:

systemctl stop mediacenter

After you’ve edited the file, run this command:

systemctl start mediacenter.

Then check if the new password is now being used.

Thank you for your answer.
I found another file with the name mediasources.xml where the old password was stored as well.
After I changed that and a restart it worked again !