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I’ve got the audio out jack lead of one of my Pi’s going into an amp. Haven’t used it for probably a year or two, and there used to be a setting for HDMI/Headphone so it played through both. But that option seems to have disappeared, and I now have the following options.

Is this expected, or is there any way I can get the dual option back?

I don’t think that’s possible anymore.


I updated one of my RBP and since I only use it for music I really need to get the sound out on the 3.5 mm plug. Is there some workaround for this. I don’t need to play sound thru the audio plug and HDMI simultaneously as was possible before. Just the audio plug.

Just add these lines to /boot/config-user.txt

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Thanks a million times. Works perfectly!!
Have the most perfect Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!