System boots splash screen and command line, not UI


I am trying to get a working installation in my car. It’s from 2008 so it has the old S-video input to a DVD player input.

My idea was to have music and Bluetooth playing with visualization on the screen (obviously not watch things while driving), and perhaps use the inputs on the raspberry pi for info things to tinker with later.

I get the splash screen to boot up in the car, then it goes into command line and the ui never boots up.

I get it to work fine if I steal the monitor of the desktop.

I figured it was a resolution problem so I changed to a few low level resolutions and retried but couldn’t get it to work. The splash screen seem to adapt to the screen because it’s high resolution when it boots on the desktop monitor and then the more grainy UI boots after a short visit to command line.

Can I ssh into the pi and figure out resolution in the car somehow? Any ideas?

It seems like you need CVBS output. There’s been some discussion about this on the forum regarding enabling it for Kodi v19.

Oh, I thought it was enabled.
I found other posts regarding running osmc through composite video and just assumed it was enabled.

I should point out that I am using the 3.5 mm output to composite, not an hdmi converter.

Ok. Sorry for the delay. I have been away for work so haven’t had time to deal with this.

So… Stupid question time.

Can I enable cvbs manually? I tried to search the forums but couldn’t manage to find anything other than someone having issues with scart hardware.

No indications as to where I should look.

What device are you using?
It should work on the Vero.

Pi 3b+ if I recall correctly. Definitely a pi but I bought it some years ago.

Yep, model 3b, v1.2 as stamped on the device itself.

I think CVBS will work with older versions (<19) on Pi, but not with the latest.

Thanks, I’ll try to install an older version then :slight_smile:

Thanks my man!
That did the trick! Now I need to figure out screen brightness and stuff like that but we’re getting somewhere :slight_smile: