System.Exec Not Working

Cant get System.Exec to work.
Can someone inform me of the correct way to launch a .sh from osmc kodi menu.

Im trying to launch parsec. I just type parsec from anywere in command and it launches but I also kbow the location of the Im guessing I also need to make it executable.

I have done lots of searches on google to fibd info and looks like most are using a bash file that then links to the .sh file is this true?? Been at this for ages so any help would be appreciated.

Link to Parsec install methods.

Check this post, maybe it helps

I put together some scripts that do the trick: *link removed

I finally got around to creating a full featured Parsec addon for OSMC/Kodi.

You can find the source here: GitHub - OMGrant/script.parsec: Launch Parsec from OSMC on your Raspberry Pi
and the download link here:


I got an similiar problem to yours. I try to call a script from kodi menu, which opens a new virtual terminal and another sh script. Here is the problem. Each time the first script try to open the other script there comes the failure: “Cant open”

The first sh got the following content: sudo su pi -c “openvt -s -f sh sudo”; sudo systemctl stop mediacenter;

The second script sudo parsec server_id=XXX; sudo systemctl start mediacenter;

When i try to run both commands manual or together from ssh terminal it works fine! So I guess there is a problems with my rights or maybe i miss something at openvt?

Hope somebody could help me!

Thanks in advance!

Use full paths in your scripts otherwise it will fail

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thanks, it works!