System Imaging for restoring to previous good state

would be awesome (within OSMC GUI or even via CLI) to create an image of system disk, like a sector by sector image to an external device (or maybe internal space permitting), so when i regret fiddling around a little too much I can restore to a previous good state.

This is because i’m still learning CLI and sometimes i stuff things up and its easier to restore than to backtrack sometimes.

Cheers, Geoff.

Are you using a Pi or a Vero? From what you’ve written it sounds like a Vero but if it is a Pi you can periodically take images of the SD card pretty easily using something like Win32diskimager

You could take a look at this:

Restoring the whole image to a vero is not quick, but if you know which files you screwed up you can easily copy them back one by one from any back-up.

One of these days I will make a recovery kernel to simplify the restore process.


thx, Vero 4K+.

We have some plans to introduce snapshotting; but it’s a way off.

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I’m sure you have a plan for this, worth a mention is btrfs is good for snap shots when setup correctly.

BTRFS’ future may be shaky as RHEL are dropping it from EL releases.
It’ll still be around; but it won’t have the same level of testing and development